Candu 6 Nuclear Reactor Collision Detection Algorithm

Created a program in conjunction with the head professor of the mechanical Engineering department at my University. Program considers a cross-section of a 37-element fuel bundle. Considers original and delta x-y coordinates of each element along with pitch lengths between tubes obtained from research. Program computed the possible collision states of each tube by comparing diameter of tubes to computed coordinates and returned an array of collision states for each tube.

University of Guelph Mark Calculator

Created a program tailored for the University of Guelph student to be able to manage current and projected grades in each class. Web page manages each course and the grades received to date and creates a simple clean interface showing projected final grades depending on future performance in the class. Interface maintains unique GPA for each course and shows the user's overall weighted GPA thus far in the semester. Additional functionality allows user to input ideal grade in class and receive minimum percentage needed going forward.

Enterprise Gas Log

Created a graphical user interface for use in commercial Enterprise rent-a-car branches. Considered changing logging of gas expenses with use of company credit cards from pen and paper method to app installed locally on branch computers. Progam would have increase efficiency in not only logging expenses but having information saved in .csv files ready for financial analysis. Github Repository

University of Geulph Weighted OMSAS GPA Calculator

Created a GUI using tkinter and python to easily allow students from the University of Guelph to transform grade percentages beased out of 100 to the weight 4.0 standard used by OMSAS and Canadian medical schools. Easily allows students to copy and paste their current grades from the unofficial transcript into the GUI. With one keystroke the user receives their weighted GPA, after the tailored algorithm accurately parses the raw grades and converts each one the weighted scale. Github Repository

SolidWorks Sewing Machine Animation Project

Created a design animation of a sewing machine implemented in a two step project. 1. Engineering Analysis: Completely took apart sewing machine to individually model each piece with explicit detail. 2. Created a a virtual assembly of project in SolidWorks to recreate the machine and created a 3D animation of each part of the assembly.